Monday, July 21, 2008

its been a minute

So I started this Blog with a clap of thunder and then left it in the dust. I would apologize but I am pretty sure Andrew is the only person who checks it, maybe Justin, but if you guys gave up I don't blame you considering I hardly post anything.
Anyways, last week me and Andrew went to Joan of Arc, which was incredible. I think the thing that made the night for us was when Tim Kinsella Played a couple solo songs, before being joined by the band. It ruled cause he played an old one called "Lets Wrestle". It brought me back to why I started loving this band a lot. After that he covered "A Man Needs a Maid" by Neil Young. Never really liked the song until Tim Kinsella sang it.
Andrew took a bunch of sweet pictures. Check them out on his blog. If you have a lot of time to kill, watch the video at the very end of the post, and then every related video if you have time. Its worth it.

Friday we went to Uxbridge for Rib Fest.

thats just bones

Suffice to say, there was plenty of carnage to go around. We each got a combo called "Vegetarian Nightmare", which was made up of 1/2 a rack of ribs, 1/2 a pound of pulled pork, and 1/2 a chicken. We figured just for our table 4 animals had to die, and this took place in Uxbridge, where meat eating pretty much goes along with breathing and sleeping, so dead animals = you do the math. At one point I pointed out that if Kasza was dead, he'd be rolling around in his grave. We saw Kasza's parents as well which was pretty awesome, cause kasza's parents are hilarious.

After that we just drank a bunch and did the next thing which was probably the highlight/bummer of the night.

We drank some beers in the municipal parking lot. It was pretty awesome to sit there with my oldest friends and remember pretty much the first big spot we ever skated. But then it was a pretty big bummer to realize that its not a spot anymore. All of the curbs are dried up, and the sidewalk surrounding had a built in skatestopping tile system around the edge. Ah well, atleast this guys keeping skateboarding in uxbridge alive, even if its kicking and screaming to be left alone to die as long as he's got anything to do with being kept alive.

thats all I gotta say about that
kurt rudolph

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

1 am bike rides

me jams and eric went for a bike ride tonight. this is pretty much what it was like. especially the 8th picture down. leave your apartment for a night and the "world" is in the palm of your hands.
no homo

ps. happy pride week!